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2014 Management Trainees Are Proud to Join Hang Lung 1800
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    Recently, several new young faces have appeared in Hang Lung's departments. They are the Company's 11 new high-fliers — the 2014 Hang Lung Management Trainees.

    We Choose Them Right   Hang Lung Grooms the Best Candidates

    In September and October every year, representatives of senior management host recruitment talks about the Hang Lung Management Trainee Program in Hong Kong universities in order to introduce the Company’s business profile. Graduate management trainees of Hang Lung are also invited to share their experiences of the program. This year, the program attracted more than 1,300 applications from Hong Kong, the Mainland and overseas.


    Apart from written and aptitude tests, applicants had to undertake a series of challenges. In January, the Company organized a spectacular orientation event, TEAMS Day (TEAMS stands for Talented, Energetic, Analytical, Motivated and Sensible), at The Peak Galleria for applicants entering the fourth round. The event tested applicants' leadership and emergency-solving skills through case studies and mall visits. In the final, applicants even had to pass a test of the Assessment Center, as well as panel and individual interviews by several Assistant Directors, in order to win Hang Lung's favor.

    We Do It Right   Hang Lung Provides the Best Training

    The 11 management trainees studied different subjects in Hong Kong, the Mainland and overseas, such as economics, marketing, surveying and hotel and tourism. This part of the course reflects Hang Lung's focus not just on the candidates' expertise but also their other abilities and potential. Although the candidates come from different backgrounds, they all have to undergo the same 36 weeks selection process. Furthermore, they all need to experience 18 months of training in various cities and departments in Hang Lung before they can graduate.

    Management Trainees Start Work in July

    As a warm-up course for the trainees before the start of their jobs, the Company thoughtfully arranged a five-day orientation program. This included a meeting with Senior Executives such as the Managing Director and Director, plus outward bound challenges and visits to Hang Lung's projects in Hong Kong. During the 18-month program, the trainees experience three phases of job attachments: in core business units, support functions and two Mainland portfolio projects. This enables trainees to recognize what the job requirements and their own interests are as they pave the way for their career paths. Each trainee has an Assistant Director as mentor and an experienced colleague as coach to give guidance and advice throughout the 18-month program.


    The Hang Lung Management Trainee Program has so far trained 35 management trainees. Ms. Angel Kwok, Head of Human Resources said, "This year, the number of recruited trainees shows an increase from previous years, reflecting a need for additional talents to handle the Company’s rapid expansion."

    MTs in Our Eyes

    Angel Kwok, Head of Human Resources

    "This year's MTs are very smart and full of energy, well deserving of a big hand. I encourage them to strive hard to make good use of the learning opportunities in this lively Company."

    Sharon Cheung, 2011 Hang Lung management trainee

    "Hang Lung is a big family. I wish you could listen more from our colleagues in different departments and places, as they are all experienced and good teachers. Also, don’t be shy. MTs are free to express more personal opinions and suggestions, so as to grow through communicating with colleagues."

    Wing Choi, 2013 Hang Lung management trainee

    "One year glides away since I joined Hang Lung. I had numerous valuable opportunities to broaden my horizon and make attempts in various aspects throughout the year. I believe that with personal qualities and proactive attitude, MT 2014 can definitely find their way to thrive in Hang Lung."

    MT Program in Their Eyes

    Terrence Tse, 2014 Hang Lung management trainee

    "Working on the Mainland is already a big trend in the Company and provides lots of golden opportunities. Hence, I wish to know more about Hang Lung’s business on the Mainland. I believe this would help a lot in my career development."

    Andrew Man, 2014 Hang Lung management trainee

    "I think Hang Lung is a very sincere Company. It cares for applicants during the recruitment process, when staff explained the program and took our needs into consideration. It’s exactly such a passion that really moved me."

    Charlotte Kong, 2014 Hang Lung management trainee

    "Other trainees and I took part in team-building activities in Sai Kung. The challenge was a great lesson to me. I hope to get familiar with the Company soon and contribute to it with my enthusiasm and energy."

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