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Volunteers Make Healthy Moon Cakes and Celebrate the Mid-autumn Festival with the Elderly 233
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    Celebrating the glorious Mid-autumn full moon is an important family festival in the Chinese calendar. Carrying the theme of a family celebration, the Hang Lung As One Volunteer Team organized two activities to help share the light of this festival with the elderly in our society: a moon cake making workshop, and a Mid-autumn party.


    On Monday, August 25, about 30 volunteers took a leaf out of Company Chef Mr. Lo Waikuen's recipe book and learned how to make healthy moon cakes using low-sugar white lotus seed paste. Bakery apprentice-for-the-day, Mr. Ricky Tsang, Assistant Director – Head of Corporate Audit, said, "At the beginning, I thought rolling the dough would be very easy, but it turned out to be tough work. In order to make a thin and soft moon cake skin, it's necessary to find the right balance of force, temperature and humidity. Learning how to make moon cakes was certainly an unforgettable experience." He also said that Hang Lung embodies corporate social responsibility by encouraging and supporting staff to give back to society through volunteering and helping others. "Apart from sharing love and care with the elderly, the event also gave our staff the chance to cooperate with one another outside the confines of their roles at work, to further enhance cohesion within the Company."


    On August 31, the Sunday following the baking workshop, volunteers brought along healthy moon cakes and held a Mid-autumn party for nearly 100 elderly folk from the Sai Wan Social Centre for the Elderly, Hong Kong Young Women's Christian Association, in anticipation of the festival. One of the volunteers, Mr. Gabriel Cheung, Assistant Director – Cost and Controls said, "This is really a priceless opportunity for me to talk and interact with so many senior citizens. Being a responsible member of society, we should try our best to care for and help the elderly who have contributed so much to our city's development."

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