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The First Hamburger Sold in Hong Kong 125
  • 友善列印版本


    Fancy a Big Mac; chicken nuggets; a hamburger... a sundae? And do you want fries with that? Ask most kids and even some adults what their favorite quick meal solution is and the majority will say "American fast food". But I bet you didn't know that Hang Lung and McDonalds share a common history that goes back as far as 1975! Yes, it's true! That was when the very first McDonalds outlet in Hong Kong opened its doors at Hang Lung Centre in Patterson Street. McDonalds chose this prime location in bustling Causeway Bay, with their first flagship diner straddled across the first and second floors of the Hang Lung Centre mall, bringing Hongkongers a first taste of American fast food culture that would become a huge success story.

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