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Steamed Chicken with Cordyceps 217
  • 友善列印版本


    Steamed Chicken with Cordyceps

    Ingredients : 


    Chicken 4 fillets
    cordyceps 1/2 tael 
    Wolfberries and black fungus A little
    Onions 2 spring


    2 slices


    Seasoning mixture :


    Salt and sugar 1/2 teaspoon
    Soy sauce and corn starch 2 teaspoons
    Oyster sauce 2 teaspoons
    Dash dark soy sauce and white pepper


    Directions :

    Step 1 Wash the cordyceps and black fungus, then soak until soft; wash the chicken and chop into small pieces, then season with the seasoning mixture.

    Step 2 

    Put the ingredients on a lipped plate and steam for 10 minutes until cooked. Add chopped spring onions and you’re ready to eat!
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