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Keeping Out the Cold Korean Style 29
  • 友善列印版本


    When talking about Korea, many people immediately think of yummy Korean food, and kimchi must be one of the traditional delicacies that many people are addicted to. Although kimchi is made mainly of cheap vegetables or fruit, it was always very important in the emperor's menu in ancient Korea! In this issue, Food Hunter shares with you something about Kimchi.

    Is kimchi good for health?

    Seasonings such as chili powder, garlic and ginger in kimchi can improve the body's metabolism, so it is good for bowel movements and burning fat. However, kimchi is in fact preserved food, so it is not good for health to eat too much of it.

    How does "good" kimchi taste?

    Different people have different tastes. Some like spicy and some like sour, so there is no standard kimchi taste. However, kimchi made by yourself must be your best choice. If you want to learn from specialists how to make kimchi, cooking classes are now provided by some Korean restaurants, so you can learn how to make delicious Korean dishes with your own favorite flavors.


    Winter is coming. It sounds good to add kimchi to hotpots to help keep out the cold, right?


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