Project Update
Shenyang Media Praise Forum 66 Office Tower 382
  • 友善列印版本


    Forum 66 Office Tower has entered its final construction stage, the completion target of the first phase within view at the end of this year while the first tenants expected to take up residence in the beginning of next year. On Thursday, November 13, about 20 media organizations accepted an invitation to visit Forum 66 Office Tower to learn about its superb Grade A design, construction, management and services.


    Mr. Norman Chan, Director – Leasing & Sales, Mr. Ricky Liu, Assistant Director - Project Construction, Mr. Derek Pang, Deputy General Manager and the management team briefed the media on the design and construction features and presented an objective analysis of the project's rental situation. Following the visit, the media gave positive feedback that Form 66 Office Tower will become an icon in Shenyang!

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