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Food Street Christmas Feast at burgeRoom 48
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    Although burgers tend to be classified as fast food, how about one with a handmade beef patty with a precisely calculated proportion of fat? Or one with foie gras and soft shell crab? Let's check out burgeRoom's best-selling burgers and sides to see if it could be your favorite restaurant this Christmas. What's more, Hang Lung staff enjoy 10% off in December !

    Best-selling: Portobello Cheese Burger

    The beef patty is cooked to medium-well-done (about 80% doneness), and customers are welcome to voice out the exact degree of doneness that they prefer. A fully cooked burger brings a chewier texture than less-well-done burgers, with the meat sauce and fat averagely mixed, while the Portobello mushroom adds moisture and softness to the burger.

    Trend-setting: Double Foie Gras Soft Shell Crab Burger

    Foie gras and soft shell crab are imported from France and Vietnam respectively. The foie gras is cooked such that its inside appears pale pink, offering a rich and dense sensation, while the crispy crab with its fresh flesh enhanced the flavor of the burger!

    Special Burger Featuring Fashion Walk

    To highlight the launch of burgeRoom in Fashion Walk this November, a limited edition burger with bread replaced by Portobello mushrooms is available only during the month of December. The center of the beef patty is filled with a medium-cooked egg, which oozes juicy deliciousness when you bite into it!

    Christmas Limited Side: Dark Chocolate Fries

    With sweet and bitter chocolate flowing among the sizzling fries, this side dish is sure to give you a warm and lovely Christmas.

    Must-try Side: Melted Cheese Twister Fries

    The crispy coating of the twister fries carries heavier seasoning than normal thick fries. The topping of melted cheddar cheese makes the dish a bit like a cheese hotpot.


    Information provided by: burgeRoom

    Address:Shop D, G/F, 50-56 Paterson Street, Fashion Walk


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