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Volunteers Recognized for Contribution of 11,000 Volunteer Hours 49
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    Hang Lung As One volunteer team set a new record in 2014 with nearly 90 volunteer activities organized in Hong Kong and mainland China, contributing over 11,000 service hours to the communities. Ceremonies were held from January to March to recognize contributions made by colleagues to their respective communities. Nearly 100 volunteers participated in the recognition ceremony in Hong Kong on Thursday, February 12. Chairman Mr. Ronnie C. Chan officiated the ceremony and presented certificates to the five colleagues who recorded the highest service hours in Hong Kong.


    Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Chan shared his personal experiences during the 1990s of counseling youths who were at risk and how he has given back to society by means of a variety of platforms over the years. He said, “The time I spend on volunteering and on the  business of philanthropy is certainly not less than the time I spend on my own business! We should all try our best to give back to society in whatever way we can. I hope colleagues will turn volunteering into a habit and endeavor to give back to society no matter what position they are in.” In 2015, the volunteer teams will continue to organize a diverse range of volunteer activities to achieve three targets namely, skill transfer, family participation and innovation.


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