Green Actions
Move Citizens to be Green Advocates 48
  • 友善列印版本


    Hang Lung As One volunteer team of Plaza 66 joined hands with METRO EXPRESS to organize a special activity, encouraging the public to embrace green living.


    To support Earth Day, about 50 participants from Hang Lung and METRO EXPRESS teamed up on April 25 (Saturday) to cruise for five kilometers around Jing'an District. They distributed towels to the public and encouraged them to use less tissue paper. They also took Polaroid photos with citizens in the parks. Some citizens even joined the activity along the way and promised to live greener lives.


    Another green activity was also held recently at Olympia 66. Nearly 60 colleagues from the Service Delivery Team cruised from the Xinghai Plaza to Olympia 66, clearing rubbish along the route, to build up a "greener" community in Dalian.

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