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Helping Autistic Children Realize Their Dreams 28
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    To develop the artistic talents of children with autism, Grand Gateway 66 collaborated with World of Art Brut Culture (WABC), the charity organization providing rehabilitation services to autistic children, to hold an event themed "I have a dream. I have fun" from May 1 to 17.


    A total of 172 celebrities, including well-known actor Huang Bo, internationally distinguished pianist Lang Lang and renowned former gymnast Sang Lan, supported the event. Renowned fashion designer Jia Pei, Professor of Visual Communication Fang Jin, Spanish artist Antoni and macaroon patisserie chef Qin Jiaxin hosted charitable activities during the event. Apart from being the sponsoring venue and providing lucky draw prizes, Grand Gateway 66 put the event on an electronic platform. For every sharing of a message about the event appearing on Grand Gateway 66's official WeChat and Weibo account, the mall donates RMB 5 dollars to WABC. Grand Gateway 66, which has previously collaborated in a variety of activities with WABC, announced at the launch ceremony on May 1 (Friday) that Hang Lung As One volunteer team will provide long-term support for the charity, helping children with autism to realize their dreams.

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