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    Summer is around the corner and to the time is near when everyone likes to enjoy cool drinks in an air-conditioned room. However, the air-conditioners in our homes have been resting over the past winter months, so is there anything we need to do before using them again? In what ways can we enhance the air-conditioner's energy efficiency? What do we need to pay attention to when choosing an air-conditioner? In this issue of Life Chest, Lo Chun Fai from the Leasing and Management Department gives us useful tips on maintaining and choosing air-conditioners.

    How to choose a suitable air-conditioner?

    Window-type and split-type are the two main types of residential air-conditioners in Hong Kong. With similar functions, the compressor of a split-type air-conditioner is installed outdoors. This type of air-conditioner is comparatively silent when it is switched-on, but the installation and maintenance fees are relatively higher. Before buying an air-conditioner, we should check if the building is bound by a deed that prohibits the installation of splittype air-conditioners. Generally, we can choose a 1HP-air-conditioner for an area of about 100-square-feet, and a ¾HP-air-conditioner for an area of less than 100-square-feet.

    What to do before switching on an air-conditioner again after a few months?

    1. Ensure there is no blockage (covered by plastic bag, towel, etc.) to the outdoor section of the air-conditioner. Remove any blockages immediately or it could lead to machine failure.

    2. Wipe the case with a damp cloth and cleanse the air filter.

    3. Open the windows and run the air-conditioner for 15 minutes to vent any bad odor.

    How to enhance an air-conditioner's energy efficiency?

    1. Choose an air-conditioner with a “grade 1” energy label.

    2. As the energy consumption of an electric fan is much less than that of an airconditioner, you could turn the temperature of your air-conditioner to the medium setting and diffuse the cool air to every corner of the room using an electric fan.

    3. Avoid installing air-conditioners near a heat source or under direct prolonged sunlight.

    4. Shut windows and doors, and switch off any ventilation fans when using an air-conditioner.

    5 Arrange an experienced technician for air-conditioner cleaning once every two years.

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