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Into a Brighter Future – Hang Lung Introduces 2015 Management Trainees 929
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    Passionate, poised for challenges, dedicated, creative … these are the reasons why the nine youngsters could stand out from the rest and snatch their places as the 2015 Management Trainees at Hang Lung Properties.


    Now, they are ready to pave the way to future success with Hang Lung.

    Top Talent Locks Horns in Trainee Recruitment

    Hang Lung's Management Trainee Program has been attracting aspiring young talents since its inauguration in 2005. Over the past decade, the program has groomed top - notch talent for the informed development of the property industry in Hong Kong and on the mainland. This year, Hang Lung received over 1,200 applications from Hong Kong, the Mainland and overseas. Nine of them outperformed the rest to become the 2015 Hang Lung Management Trainees.


    The nine trainees are graduates from different universities such as Imperial College London, University of British Colombia and Boston University; with a wide spectrum of disciplinary backgrounds, including Food & Nutrition, Fine Arts & Design, as well as Chemical Engineering.


    Janet Poon, Head of Human Resources, explains that candidates for Hang Lung's Management Trainee Program are selected for their abilities, inclinations and attitude rather than academic exposure. This is because people with different backgrounds can bring along different perspectives and knowledge that will contribute to the growth and transformation of the Company

    Corporate Culture Realized in Trainee Recruitment

    With creativity being a pivotal aspect at Hung Lung, out-of-the-box thinking is encouraged at all organizational levels. In this regard, the Management Trainee recruitment comprised unconventional initiatives such as TEAMS Day, a spectacular session that has been launched for two years.


    On the TEAMS Day, candidates are asked to visit different properties of the Company in groups to perform different tasks. The goal is to rate their talent, energy, analytical skills, motivation and sense. This year sees a new addition to our TEAMS Day – Escape the Room where candidates must find the way out by looking for clues in the Company's annual reports and newsletters. Offering candidates a great chance to find out more about Hang Lung, the game is the brainchild of the 2014 Management Trainees – a testimony to the Company's recognition of the collective efforts of young talents.


    Hang Lung also attaches great importance to "crisis management". This year, candidates are tested for their ability to cope with contingencies in an ad-hoc "crisis management" assessment.


    Management Shows Support to Training

    The new recruits will undergo 18 months of training, where Assistant Directors offer management trainees advice on personal and vocational matters as mentors. Under their guidance, trainees are also exposed to the overall picture of the Company's development, preparing their way up to the top echelon. The customized training curriculum also includes a Coach-Coachee Scheme, an initiative organized by the HR Department last year to line up managers and assistant managers as coaches for on-the-job training to give practical advice on the performance of the trainees, with a view to facilitating their adaptation to the working environment at Hang Lung.

    Leaving Their Mark in Hang Lung in Next 10 Years

    After the week-long orientation program, the nine management trainees gained a clear understanding of the organizational structure and mode of operations at Hang Lung. They have embarked on a career development journey which begins with on-the-job exposure in their respective departments. They are hopeful about their future, in that they have set their goals for the next 10 years at Hang Lung. Some of them strive to spearhead projects; others have their eyes firmly set on the leading positions, where they will initiate new changes for the Company with their own vision.


    Janet Poon said, "Our recruitment policy has always represented part of Hang Lung Properties' steadfast commitment to our business philosophy We Do It Right. Candidates vying for this year's traineeship must display their full potential and abilities in an array of tasks in order to gain admission. For the nine trainees, joining Hang Lung is a right choice. I look forward to their brilliant performance in the future."


    Noreen Wong

    I choose Hang Lung because it is a people-oriented company.

    Vincent Cheng

    I am attracted by the attention and resources invested into Hang Lung’s staff development initiatives.

    Horace Chien

    I choose Hang Lung because I see a lot of opportunities in it.

    Jeffrey Lau

    I look forward to learning professional corporate governance principles from Hang Lung.

    Adrian Lam

    I will bring new thinking and perspectives to the Company.

    Cicely Yee

    I want to apply my hotel management knowledge to property management.

    Jonathan Ho

    I hope that I could have the opportunity to transform the Company into a totally new look.

    Norris Lee

    I want to become a role model for future management trainees.

    Vyra Wong

    I will strive to develop diverse skills and fully explore my potential.

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