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"Watchcare" You Must Know 31
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    A watch tells you the time, and sometimes it even carries sentimental value so that we will do all we can to preserve it. This issue's Life Chest is going to share some watch maintenance tips with you.


    Daily Maintenance

    • Sweat is corrosive to watch cases. Wipe away sweat with a piece of soft cloth frequently, or use a plastic watch protector.
    • Do not open the watch back in order to avoid dust ingress which might affect normal operation.
    • Do not put the watch on top of electronic appliances such as radios or televisions in order to prevent magnetization.
    • Do not put a watch in a closet or drawers containing camphor balls in order to avoid watch oil deterioration.
    • Wind up watches that are not frequently used once a month to maintain optimal operating performance.


    Emergency Repair Method for Water Ingress

    If your watch is infiltrated with water, put it with some silica gel sachets into a sealed container. Take out the watch a few hours later and the water inside will be gone.


    Emergency maintenance tips for scratches on the watch face

    Apply one or two droplets of clean water on the scratches. Then, smear some toothpaste to remove the scratches.



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