The Way to Integrity
Case Study - False Reporting 94
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    This issue's The Way to Integrity focuses on several cases that may not appear to be significant on their own but in substance have seriously violated the principle of integrity. We hereby wish to remind everyone not to provide any false information in any occasion and should you come across similar incidents, please make good use of the Company's Whistle-blowing Mechanism.

    Would qualification inflation be found out?

    You may think that exaggerating advantageous details on your resume is nothing important. As long as you are officially hired by the Company, they would go undetected. The impression that submitting false academic qualifications or counterfeit certificates would not be found out, is in fact mistaken. During a regular audit, it was discovered that an ex-staff in the Human Resources Department had failed to verify applicants' academic backgrounds during recruitments. Furthermore, it was found out that he was unable to provide valid academic credentials himself. This ex-staff's actions did not only violate the integrity principle and good faith, but also brought unfairness to other applicants in the recruitment process. The Company had suffered from subsequent damages due to competency mismatches. As a result of infringing ethical codes valued by the Company, the employment of this staff was terminated.

    'Clocking-in' for someone else?

    If your supervisor or colleague asks you to "clock-in" on his or her behalf because he or she is running late or absent, would you regard this as offering a helping hand, common courtesy or a reasonable duty? Regardless of the reason, such an action produces a forged attendance record that is deceitful. In one case, an ex-manager abused his authority and askedcolleagues to "clock-in" on his behalf every morning to falsify his presence in office. Although he went to work every day, his actual working hours did not match with the attendance record. This manager did not only fail to fulfill his duties and responsibilities, he knowingly exploited his official position and breached the codes of ethics and integrity. The staff was consequently dismissed from the Company.

    Contractors doing less than what the contract states?

    In another occasion, there was a shortage of cleaning staff provided by the outsourced cleaning vendor as compared with the cleaning contract. However, the supervisor from the Leasing & Management Department at that time did not report the case. This has led the Company to overpay the cleaning contractor. After investigation, this supervisor was suspected of receiving illicit sums of money from the outsourced cleaning vendor to cover up for the services not being carried out. As a result, the Company suffered significant amount of financial losses as well as poor service standard of the venue. This seriously delinquent staff member was fired.

    Honest or dishonest?

    Using the Whistle-blowing Mechanism to seek revenge against a colleague who you do not get along with? Such an action does not only abuse the Company's valuable resources, the accuser himself will also have violated the principle of integrity which the Company strives to uphold. The Company's Whistle-blowing Mechanism is set to provide a channel to report acts of dishonest behavior, aiming to enhance the standard of integrity. In any case of discovering a false claim made by a staff which is to serve his individual interest, the Company will undoubtedly take appropriate disciplinary actions.

    Assistant Director (Corporate Audit) Ricky Tsang said:

    Whether it is a fraudulent report on academic credentials, attendance records, or an act of dishonest behavior; any kind of false reporting is deceitful and unacceptable. Please do not presume that one or two forged attendance reports would not harm. Imagine if all staff are bearing such wrong mindset, the Company will suffer great losses. Equally, those who make false accusations on others for the sake of their personal interests should be condemned. The Company will definitely take legal action and show no leniency to those who are dishonorable.


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