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Helping Kids to Concentrate on Homework 49
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    By Dr. Ng PoChu, Director of Academic Affairs, Creative Kindergarten & Day Nursery


    Homework may be boring but it is an essential part of the educational process. However, if parents cannot help and guide your children properly, it will affect their academic development and the parent-child relationship. Find out if your children are showing the following "symptoms" while they are doing homework.

    1. Endless Gestures

    If your child keeps scratching, going to the toilet or drinking water, it may be a signal of being "tired". Children "refresh" themselves or release their stressful feelings by keeping moving. Parents are advised to ask the reasons for the distractions so as to get rid of this habit.

    2. Keep Looking Around

    Does your child keep looking around and only focus on homework when you are present? In fact, a quiet area with adequate and appropriate lighting is a key environmental factor to aid concentration. Parents can read books or newspapers next to your child during homework time. At the same time, stop ordering them about, saying "do your homework", or "don't watch TV" when you are using electronic gadgets next to them.

    3. Dragging Out Their Homework

    For parents, the homework is easy but your child may not think so. You should not criticize them without finding out the reasons. If your child finds difficulties in doing homework, parents should teach them step by step and give them encouragement.

    4. Lack of Motivation

    Parents can create a schedule and set a goal together with the kids. For example, kids can have 10 minutes rest after completing 3 pieces of homework, or they can have one hour of free time when they get their homework done. Kids should be encouraged to complete the easy assignment first and then move to harder ones.

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