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Learn More and Sleep Better 28
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    There is much to learn about sleep, if you want to get a good sleep, listen to what a professional has to say. On February 22 (Monday), the Company invited a registered Industrial-Organizational  Psychologist from the Hong Kong Psychological Society to discuss about sleep, its functions and cycles. She also explained several misconceptions about sleep, such as counting sheep or drinking milk cannot help you sleep better.


    Below are the psychologist's tips for getting a good sleep:
    - Maintain regular sleeping habits
    - Be active in daytime
    - Sleep on a comfortable bed with a suitable mattress
    - Take a shower, take hot drinks, listen to soft music and do some reading before going to sleep
    - Set your own "worry time", but do not have it in bed
    - Do not turn on the light or look at the time when you wake up at night

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