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Ningxia Enterprisers Visit Hang Lung Headquarters 48
  • 友善列印版本


    Hang Lung's success lies not only in its outstanding hardware and world-class property design, but also in its insightful philisophy, business strategy and solid corproate branding, so that a lot of business partners are eager to share experience with Hang Lung.


    Vice-Dean of Ta Kung International Media College and Deputy General Manager of Hong Kong Ta Kung Wen Wai Media Group, Xu He, met with Hang Lung's Managing Director Philip Chen a few months ago. Deeply impressed by the Company's philosophy We Do It Right, Xu arranged a study group of over 30 entrepreneurs from Ningxia Province to visit Hang Lung on May 10 (Tuesday), during which Assistant Director (Corporate Communications) C.F. Kwan introduced the story of Hang Lung's brand to the group.


    Established in 2014 by Ta Kung Pao, the Ta Kung International Media College is a training institute recognized by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs. The institute is responsible to build communication channels for the government, enterprises and media outside the Mainland, as well as to promote and enhance communication culture in the territory.

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