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Chan Tseng-Hsi Foundation Helps Children of Staff to Live Their Dreams 250
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    Chan Mun Kan, who has worked at Hang Lung for 13 years, is not only the Guest Service Supervisor at Amoy Plaza but also the bread winner for a family of four. In order to ease the family's financial stress, Kan's daughter Zoe works part-time to earn her basic expenses. Kan said, "My salary is just enough for the basic living of my family. However I will fully support my daughter to complete her tertiary education despite financial difficulties." Although Kan said that life is not easy, a loving father's smile brightens his face whenever he talks about his daughter and son. He added,"The Chan Tseng-Hsi Foundation has already supported Zoe's education for two years. Now, she can commit less part-time job and spend more time to study."


    Zoe migrated to Hong Kong from the Mainland when she was eight and learning English was hard for her. However Zoe did not give up but studied even harder. She is now a year-three student at The Education University of Hong Kong, studying Education (English Language) – Primary. Zoe said, ''I understand that learning English is tough for some primary school students. Being a teacher has been my dream since I was a child. I hope I can nurture the next generations through sharing my experience and knowledge with them.''


    The Chan Tseng-Hsi Foundation has helped a number of children of staff members to complete their education. Zoe, who has applied for the foundation again this year, said, "Hang Lung is like a big tree, sheltering its staff and their family members."

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