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A Salute to Our Firefighters 261
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    The fourth-alarm blaze broke out at the SC Storage mini-storage facility and burned for a total of 108 hours before it was finally extinguished on June 25 (Saturday) at 11:15 p.m. In the line of duty battling the blaze, two heroic firefighters died of their injuries. With heavy hearts, Hang Lung has sent its most sincere condolences to the families and their loved ones. Hang Lung would also like to express its highest respect for all firefighters and ambulance crews who risked their lives in the face of danger.


    A Small Token of Profound Respect

    All life is precious. With regard to the two heroic firefighters, Managing Director Philip Chen said, "Very sadly, Hong Kong has lost two of its most heroic firefighters. The news has touched Hang Lung and our staff with the most profound sadness. No words can express the respect and gratitude we have for their sacrifice and utmost professionalism. We are proud to have such courageous and outstanding Fire Services in Hong Kong, made up of valiant individuals who are deeply committed to protecting the lives and property of Hong Kong people."


    As a token of Hang Lung's profound respect and condolence, the Company will donate a total of HK$4 million as a compassionate payment to support the families of the deceased and the future educational expenses of the two children, by offering each family HK$1 million in the form of an emergency relief fund, and establishing a HK$1 million education fund for each of the children.


    Managing Director Philip Chen, Executive Director H.C. Ho, Director (Leasing & Sales) Norman Chan, Assistant Director (Directors' Office) Adriel Chan, Assistant Director (Corporate Communications) C.F. Kwan, and Head of Human Resources Janet Poon went to the Fire Services Training School in Tseung Kwan O to sign the book of condolence on behalf of the Company.


    Crisis Management Mechanism Activated

    The fire broke out on June 21 (Tuesday). Since Hang Lung holds a 73% share of Amoycan Industrial Centre, the Company's Crisis Management Team conducted crisis assessments once they were informed of the issue in the morning. In view of the severity of this situation, the Management activated the Company's crisis management mechanism and convened emergency conferences to handle the situation. They also made sure that the general public was kept abreast of the situation as it developed. During the incident, the Company published seven staff announcements and five media statements.


    Showing Support and Care

    During the fire, the Company kept in close contact with the Fire Services Department, the Police, the Buildings Department, the Home Affairs Department and district councilors to provide whatever necessary support. The Company also commissioned authorized professionals to conduct investigations and inspection work on the safety and structural integrity of the building.


    The nearby Amoy Plaza set up Support Centres and prepared extra manpower to provide assistance, a resting space, and basic necessaries to people who were in need. Also, the Company arranged for the St. John Ambulance Brigade to offer medical services to affected residents in the district.

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