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The Value of Emerald Pin 63
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    The Emerald Award 2016 competition has been successfully completed, with the number of entries demonstrating the spirit of Go the Extra Mile totaling more than six. In order to pay well-deserved tribute to our frontline staff who have over-achieved at their work, Connections will introduce the cases of excellent service at different projects in the coming issues. In this installment, let's hear the heartfelt thoughts of the six winners of the coveted Emerald Pin.


    What do you think is the key to Hang Lung Star Service?

    Chan Mun Kan – Amoy Plaza: The key to the Star Service does not need to be something grand. You can always gain praise and recognitions from customers if you think and do a little more than is expected, even it is just something subtle and minor.


    Zhang Xuen – Parc 66, Jinan: Serve genuinely from the heart. Treat customers as friends and family members and think and feel about what they need. Provide them with the best and even extraordinary star service. 


    How will you promote the Hang Lung Star Service?

    Chen Wei – Grand Gateway 66 Garden, Shanghai: Start from the surroundings and the details. Offer quality and complementary service to customers. Give them a strong sense of belonging to Hang Lung malls and serviced apartments.


    Yu Ronghua – Grand Gateway 66, Shanghai: I carry out my duties proactively. I hope that all customers think of Hang Lung when they go shopping, no matter wherever they may be.


    What is the value of the Emerald Pin to you?

    Betty Zhang – Parc 66, Jinan: The Emerald Pin is the highest honor for me. Since the launch of the Emerald Award, I have been craving badly to achieve it.  Receiving the Emerald Pin is one of my targets at work.  I believe more colleagues will join me in trying to achieve this award in the near future!


    If a customer asks, "What is the value of the Emerald Pin on your collar?" How do you respond?

    Liu Miaomiao – Palace 66, Shenyang: The Emerald Pin is the goal that we pursue with tons of effort. In addition to its hardware facilities, Hang Lung always pays particular attentions to quality service. Hang Lung is always committed to the pursuit of excellence.


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