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Stay Smart, App Players! Protect Your Personal Data! 38
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    Recently, Pokémon Go's use of Augmented Reality (AR) to allow players to capture virtual characters in real-world locations suddenly becomes a smash hit. However, there are players whose devices were trojanized after they downloaded imposter versions of the game or apps claiming to provide tips and tricks.


    How often do you read the privacy policy of apps that you want, before you click download?


    Game app developers are putting new elements into their games to attract players. Unfortunately, the games can also undermine players' security and privacy. To protect your personal data, you must pay attention to the following Protection Tips.


    Protection tips


    Read all the privacy policy statements and declarations before downloading an app. Understand what kind of data can be collected by the apps. Use your common sense to decide if the use of data and permissions requested are reasonable and appropriate  
    2. Beware of fake or malicious apps. Download only from official sources.
    3. Understand well the risk of downloading game guide or tips developed by unofficial sources.

    Separate your gaming account from your other accounts to reduce the exposure of your personal data through your usual social media account.

    5. As always, update your device's operating system and apps regularly.
    6. Consider disabling mobile connections like WiFi, 3G, 4G, NFC or Bluetooth when not in use.      


    If in doubt, please contact the IT helpdesk at 18888 for immediate assistance.

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