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Four Central Teams Support Leasing and Promotion Development 132
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    What are the job duties of the Central Leasing, Central Marketing, Business Planning, and Central Multi-media teams? Assistant Director (Central Leasing) Mikael Jaeraas, Senior Manager (Central Marketing) Sylvia Lee, Senior Manager (Leasing & Management–Business Planning) Daisy Sam, and Manager (Central Multi-media) Minnie Hung attended the HANG LUNG TALK on November 11 (Friday) to introduce the daily operations of their teams.


    Mikael Jaeraas explained that Central Leasing is responsible for the planning of leasing strategies for Hong Kong and Mainland projects. In addition to the acquisition of brands for our malls with attention to the diversity of the tenant mix, they give advice at the pre-leasing stage and in the area of design support for new and under-construction malls, so as to focus on honing our competitive edge from an early stage.


    With regard to Business Planning, Daisy Sam said the team is responsible for conducting analyses for the leasing business, working on a hotel project, and launching the EST program. By compiling useful analytical information, the team helps the Company to better understand the market and business situation.


    Central Marketing is the mastermind behind marketing and promotion campaigns. Sylvia Lee shared that the team has been helping local teams to plan and execute fabulous events at Hang Lung's malls with creativity and discipline including the Halloween Haunted Playground, Cool Bears, and i0 Girls, to offer customers an ever fresh and exciting experience.


    To promote Hang Lung's fabulous events, Central Multi-media is key. In addition to disseminating news through different media platforms, the team hunts for compelling stories about the Company to share with stakeholders and the public. No wonder Minnie Hung said the team is the Company's storyteller.

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