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Hang Lung Recognized as the Best Employer 241
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    Hang Lung sees all of its employees as unique individuals and the Company strives to create a complete employee experience from recruitment to training and personal development. Most recently, Hang Lung has been named, for the first time, one of HR Asia 's Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2017, and, for the fifth consecutive year, the Company has clinched several honors at the International Customer Relationship Excellence (CRE) Awards organized by the Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium (APCSC). All of these accolades reaffirm the Company's effective talent management strategies.


    The work of the Human Resources Department ranges from recruitment, promotion, and job rotation, to training and ensuring a positive working environment. It may look like a simple list, but putting it into action defines the brand and builds the soul of a company. Janet Poon, General Manager – Human Resources, said, "We place a great emphasis on customer service and experience; hence we treat every single employee as our customer. We continue to enhance our services and explore new ground, delivering a holistic experience to our customer, potential candidates, or even those who are already our employees, in order to build the Hang Lung employer brand to attract and retain talents."

    Innovative Recruitment Methods

    Hang Lung has invested heavily in building its talent pool. To reach the younger generation, the Company has developed designated Company pages on various social media platforms, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, for our potential employees to get acquainted with the brand and to reinforce the Company's values.


    In addition to using traditional methods, the Company has also organized TEAMS Days to recruit new management trainees. In its fourth year, TEAMS Day provides the Company with a comprehensive assessment of applicants' talents in a lighthearted environment. The initiative has received an overwhelming response with over 1,500 applicants from which 15 candidates were selected to join the Hang Lung family this year alone.

    Customized Training and Development

    With a people oriented strategy, Academy 66 has developed customized training and development programs for different roles to enhance professional knowledge and skills. The Company also launched an online learning platform in 2016, so that colleagues can undertake continuous professional development at their own time and pace. Senior anager – Training and Development, Edward Lo, said, "Every member of staff is given the opportunity to grow and develop at Hang Lung. The total number of training hours in 2016 is 80,450 hours, up 12% from the previous year." In addition, we have invited celebrities, such as Tony Buzan, Astrid T. C. Chan, Jim Chim, and other renowned industry veterans to share on a wide range of topics including positive thinking, creativity, and project management.


    The HANG LUNG CHALLENGE, launched earlier this year, aims to create good synergy among colleagues from different departments and build strong team spirit.


    To make sure that due recognition is given to staff who Go the Extra Mile, the Company launched the Emerald Award in 2014 to commend colleagues that demonstrated outstanding performance in provision of service, and to encourage the whole team to scale new heights.

    Caring Initiatives

    Achieving a work-life balance is not always easy but it helps improve job satisfaction and work efficiency. The Company launched the Employee Wellness Program to care for employees' overall well-being. A number of activities have been introduced, such as stretching and sports classes, a Wellness Day, and health talks, to relieve pressure and stress and provide appropriate care for our colleagues whenever they need it.


    What's more, the Company has established the Hang Lung Social Club, which has organized numerous activities including sports, cooking, and family outings. Different teams and interest groups were also formed, such as the Runners Club, the Dragon Boat Team, the Soccer Team and the Photography Club. They have regular trainings and represent the Company at competitions. These activities, which have often received an awe-inspiring response, have enabled colleagues to unwind in a relaxing environment and enjoy each other's company outside of the work context.


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