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Three Ways to Treat Sunburn 39
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    What should we do if we get sunburnt this summer? This issue's Life Chest invites the Regional Manager, Rebecca Hui of YVES ROCHER, a renowned French skincare brand to share some sunburn cures with us.


    Slight Burns

    Symptoms: Reddish skin

    Treatment: Cool down and release the heat

    The skin is extremely sensitive and will finally turn red. You are suggested to take frequent cool baths or showers and wrap an ice pack in a damp cloth and hold it over the burn to absorb the heat. After cooling down, apply gentle moisturizing lotion while skin is still damp. You can also reduce any swelling, redness, and discomfort by applying moisturizing spray and YVES ROCHER Anti-Redness Moisturizing Cream SPF20 with St. Paul's Wort extract for the outdoors.


    Middle-level Burns

    Symptoms: Reddish skin, feverish and pain

    Treatment: Calm and moisturize the skin

    If you feel pain after a long day in the sun, you should take a cool bath or apply cool compresses on your body to relieve the pain. If peeling skin occurs at tip of the nose, forehead or cheek, you can hold damp cotton over the skin and tap the skin lightly. After that, gently rub a cool gel mask or YVES ROCHER Intense Hydrating Mask to moisturize the skin, relieve the reddened and ease the pain. Please seek advice from doctors if the problem persists.


    Severe Burns

    Symptoms: Red and peeling skin, swelling and blisters

    Treatment: Seek emergency medical treatment

    If your skin is severely burnt by the sun, the only thing you can do is to act fast to cool it down by using clean water and then seek emergency medical treatment. Do not apply anything on the area before seeking advice from a doctor.


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