Green Actions
Let's Protect the Ocean Together 96
  • 友善列印版本


    The oceans possesses vast amount of resources. However, human activities such as pollution and overfishing threaten marine habitat. Hang Lung As One volunteer teams in Forum 66 and Grand Gateway 66 hosted two aquarium visits in response to the World Oceans Day in early June. Participating children grasped the opportunity to meet with different ocean creatures and learnt about their ecosystem. What's more, volunteer teams in Plaza 66, Parc 66 and Center 66 hosted theory classes as well as group activities for students to strengthen their attitude to greener lifestyle through interactive games.


    6.1 Plaza 66 Ocean's Ecosystem Class
    6.8 Forum 66 Visit to Shenyang's Royal Ocean World
    6.10 Grand Gateway 66 Protect Our Blue Planet
    6.18 Center 66  World Oceans Day Cleansing Activities
    6.24 Parc 66 Green Charity Walk
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