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Add Phonetic Guides to Text in MS Word in Four Simple Steps 43
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    No matter whether you are a beginner at Putonghua or a native speaker, you will find Pin Yin to be a necessary tool as a reference point for precise pronunciation. With this in mind, there's an invaluable tool in MS Word can mark a selected text with phonetic guides, and can be activated in four easy steps.


    Four Steps to Mark Characters with Phonetic Guides

    1. Select required text.
    2. Confirm spacing between Chinese characters: The correct spacing between Chinese characters ensures that the phonetic guides can be displayed properly, enhancing readability. To add spaces quickly, we use Find and Replace. Please click Home tab > Editing group > Replace button > More button. Uncheck Use wildcards option. In "Find what", click special button and select "Find any Characters". In "Replace with", select "Find What Text" in special and the press space bar to add a space. Click "Replace All" and "No" to add spaces in selected text only.
    3. Confirm Setting for Selected Text: If "Chinese (PRC)" is not displayed in the status bar, change from "Chinese (Taiwan)" to "Chinese (PRC)" and click "OK".
    4. Click Home tab > Font group >  Phonetic Guide button: Click "OK" and phonetic guide will be displayed on top of your selected text.


    If in doubt, please contact the IT helpdesk at 18888 for immediate assistance.

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