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How to be a Successful Storyteller? 42
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    We have been telling stories to engage audiences since we lived in caves. Storytelling is a critical skill for life and particularly in business, where we encourage, influence, and convince. On June 30 (Friday), the Company invited Andy Clark, the founder of Shine Training, to give a sharing session on the theme, The POWER of Storytelling with 71 colleagues, allowing them to learn more about storytelling skills and how to be a successful storyteller.  


    Clark shared six types of stories: The Transformation, The Screw up, The Blown away, The Insight, The Origin story, and The Dream, and that inclusion of the right story usually make a powerful impression and have a deep impact on the audience. What's more, he also shared some storytelling skills, for example facial expression and body language, as well as applying positive and negative content to connect emotionally with the audience. At the end of the session there was also an opportunity for participants to share their own stories using the skills they had just learnt.

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