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Launch of the Hang Lung Young Architects Program 241
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    A total of 324 students from 29 secondary schools have already embarked on a journey of exploration that will see them become young architects over the course of the academic year ahead!


    Spearheaded by Hang Lung Properties, the Hang Lung Young Architects Program held its opening ceremony at the Asia Society Hong Kong Center on October 14 (Saturday). The participating secondary school students, school representatives, renowned architects and academics who will serve as program advisors joined the senior management of Hang Lung to inaugurate the program.


    Executive Director Dane Cheng remarked during the opening ceremony, "As one of the major property developers in Hong Kong, Hang Lung is dedicated to fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities across the full spectrum of its influence, with fostering youth development as a major focus. This campaign allows Hang Lung to fully leverage its network, advantages, and talents to serve the community. Architecture has a close relationship with our daily lives. In addition to having practical functions, each building is in fact a cultural artefact, carrying the history and stories of our city. By participating in this program, Hang Lung hopes to encourage youths to appreciate the fine details of the environment that surrounds us. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all our program advisors. Your unwavering support in providing professional advice to the program allows our teenagers to broaden their horizons by appreciating architecture and at the same time taking up their inheritance of the rich history of Hong Kong."


    Hang Lung has leveraged its own talent pool to engage the esteemed project management team, joined by renowned architects and academics in Hong Kong to act as program advisors. The 14 esteemed consultants form a strong advisory team to furnish the program with their professional opinions and suggestions. They have also given their tips and messages of hope and encouragement to the students in a video.


    In addition, Hang Lung invited five Hong Kong TV drama artists to film a promotional video, introducing everyone to the special architectural features of Hong Kong.


    To provide students with more inspirations, Hang Lung has also engaged more than 50 mentors, who are studying or have just graduated from their undergraduate studies of architecture or other related disciplines, to provide guidance and support throughout the program.

    Program Advisors

    1.  Dr. Joseph Ting Sun Pao, Adjunct Professor, Department of History, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
    2. Mr. Wilfred Kam, Director (Project Management), Hang Lung Properties
    3. Dr. Cecilia Chu, President, DOCOMOMO Hong Kong
    4. Dr. Ronald Lu, Founder & Chairman, Ronald Lu & Partners
    5. Dr. Lee Ho Yin, Head, Division of Architectural Conservation Programmes, The University of Hong Kong
    6. Mr. Tony Lam, Director, AGC Design
    7. Ms. Christine Lam, Global Design Principal, Aedas
    8. Prof. Nelson Chen, Director, School of Architecture, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
    9. Mr. Marvin Chen, President, The Hong Kong Institute of Architects
    10.   Mr. Aric Chen, Lead Curator, Design & Architecture, M+
    11. Mr. Moses Leung, Director (Development & Design), Hang Lung Properties
    12. Mr. Peter Leung, Director (Project Management), Hang Lung Properties
    13. Mr. Adrian Lo, Director (Project Management), Hang Lung Properties
    14. Prof. Nasrine Seraji, Head of Department and Professor of Architecture, The University of Hong Kong


    After the opening ceremony, students took part in the program's first activity – a guided tour in appreciation of the architectural features of the Central and Admiralty districts, during which they paid visits to a host of iconic sites including the Asia Society Hong Kong Center (one of the few surviving explosive magazine sites in Asia dating back to the English colonial period), Flagship House Museum of Tea Ware, the Court of Final Appeal Building, Tai Kwun, and Hang Lung's Headquarters – the Standard Chartered Bank Building, where they were given a glimpse into the building's "architectural secrets" and enjoyed an aerial view of the Government House.


    Hang Lung has organized the thematic Architectural Tour Program since 2014 to give students hands-on experience of the city's culture and development through its architectural landmarks. With the overwhelming response from schools, Hang Lung extended the program and joined hands with the leading local cultural enterprise Walk in Hong Kong to launch the Hang Lung Young Architects Program this year. It is hoped that by participating in this series of interactive lectures, workshops, games, and walking tours, students will be able to have a better understanding of the connection between architecture and the community, and to gain a deeper insight into Hong Kong's architecture and its history.


    At the final stage of the program, students will need to work out their own architectural tour and act as docents to explain and guide the judges through their designed routes. Students completing the program and winning this final competition will be awarded scholarships and the opportunity to participate in an overseas architectural tour to be held in the summer of 2018.


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