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Mooncake Donation Campaign 49
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    Mooncakes are the key component of Mid-Autumn Festival reunion dinners. But what do you do with the ones that are left over?


    The charity group, Food Grace, conducted interviews with 349 families and 42 organizations on the topic of mooncake wastage in July and August. The research found that each family has 1.03 surplus mooncakes on average, which means there are about 1.3 million surplus mooncakes (based on the assumption that Hong Kong has about 1 million families). Around 430,000 mooncakes ended up in landfills.


    To promote the culture of eating wisely, Hang Lung has partnered with charities and social welfare groups to give away mooncakes to those in need. This October, Amoy Gardens partnered with the Food Bank of St. James Settlement to launch a mooncake donation campaign to give away surplus mooncakes to help residents reduce their food waste. A total of 324 mooncakes were collected from 70 residents, and were given to the Food Bank. At the same time, a sharing booth was set up during the Company's Mid-Autumn Party to collect surplus mooncakes for the Food Angel food waste and assistance program. This activity is indeed a blessing for families in need.

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