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Understand More about Guide Dogs 70
  • 友善列印版本


    Guide dogs, also known as "the second pairs of eyes for the blind", are trained service dogs which help visually impaired people. According to Hong Kong's Disability Discrimination Ordinance, visually impaired people are allowed to bring their guide dogs into public places. In order to enhance colleagues' understanding of the service that guide dogs provide and the needs of visually impaired people, the Company organized a talk by inviting a speaker and a guide dog from the Hong Kong Seeing Eye Dog Service to introduce the history, development, and training methods of guide dogs. Participants also got a chance to experience the services provided by a guide dog.


    Hang Lung values corporate social responsibility and strives to integrate sustainability into its business operations. To broaden colleagues' appreciation of sustainable practices, the Company will continue to organize more activities to introduce environmental and social topics.

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