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Ronnie C. Chan and Gerald L. Chan Elected as Fellows of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences 154
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    The Chairman of Hang Lung Group and Hang Lung Properties, Ronnie C. Chan, and his brother, Non-Executive Director of Hang Lung Group, Gerald L. Chan, were elected as Fellows of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (AAAS). An induction ceremony was held on October 7 (Saturday) in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 


    Ronnie C. Chan said, "We are deeply honored that both Gerald and myself are elected as Fellows of the Academy. The Academy convenes the greatest minds from the academic, business and government sectors to address critical challenges we face around the world. As the Academy President Jonathan F. Fanton said, 'the honor of election to the American Academy is also a call to service.' We will continue with our philanthropic efforts to the advancement of the public good."


    During Gerald L. Chan's speech at the induction ceremony of the AAAS, he said, "Philanthropy is a voluntary departure from a rights-based rubric of how one relates to his fellow men to one that has its source in duty, empathy, community, an exalted view of man and an abiding commitment to the dignity of all. As much as we cherish rights, some natural and unalienable, over-assertion of rights does have untoward consequences. For the individual, it leads to narcissism, disregard for history and posterity, and will produce an atomized and alienated person. For society, it accentuates differences and risks social fragmentation and eventually breakdown of society. Such are the perils facing our nation today."


    Ronnie C. Chan is the Chairman of Hang Lung Group and Hang Lung Properties, and Co-Founder of Morningside Group. His many philanthropic activities include the establishment of Morningside Mathematics Center at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing, Morningside College at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Morningside Music Bridge, China Heritage Fund, etc. He is Chairman Emeritus of Asia Society and Chairman of its Hong Kong Center, and serves on the boards of many not-for-profit institutions. He and his family have pledged major gifts to Harvard University and the University of Southern California to support health-related endeavors. He has published widely, mainly on international relations. 


    Gerald L. Chan is the Co-Founder and Director of Morningside Group, a private equity and venture capital investment firm. He is known for his commitment to advancing bold research that targets autoimmune diseases, microbial infections, cancers, and other maladies. He combines science and finance to create solutions for reducing the global disease burdens. 


    Founded in 1780, the AAAS is one of the oldest learned societies and independent policy research centers in the U.S.A., convening leaders from the academic, business, and government sectors to respond to the challenges facing the nation and the world. The Academy's current research focuses on education, the humanities, and the arts; science, engineering, and technology policy; global security and international affairs; and American institutions and the public good. There are over 4,000 Fellows and 600 Foreign Honorary Members, among which are more than 250 Nobel laureates and 60 Pulitzer Prize winners.

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