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A Recipe for Ladies: Veggie Tofu Cake(Two Servings) 74
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    Hard tofu 1
    Edamame 15
    Carrot 1/2
    Black fungus (soaked) 1/2 bowl
    Egg 2
    Oil 2 tsp
    Corn Flour 2 tbsp



    Wine 1 tbsp
    Sugar 1 tbsp
    Soy sauce 2 tsp
    Salt 1/3 tsp
    Pepper A pinch
    Fat-free chicken broth As desired



    1.  Soak the black fungus and slice, then peel and slice the carrot
    2.  Whisk the egg and set aside, then mash the tofu
    3.  Boil the edamame in salted water for 20 minutes, then mash
    4.  Heat the pan, add oil, then fry the fungus and carrot
    5.  Add seasonings and bring to the boil, then scoop out the fungus and carrots and set aside
    6.  Mix the cooked fungus, carrot slices, eggs, tofu and edamame mash, and corn flour, then make them into tofu cakes
    7.  Cut the tofu cakes into small pieces



    • Adding corn flour will help remove the moisture in the tofu. To make the tofu cake crispier, you can also add flour.


    Info provided: MSL Nutritional Diet Centre Co. Ltd.

    Address: Room 1903, Park-In Commercial Centre


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