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Improvement in Greenhouse Gas Emissions 19
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    Good news for our precious Earth! The Environmental Protection Department recently announced that Hong Kong's total greenhouse gas emissions amounted to 41.6 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent and our per capita GHG emission was 5.7 tons, representing decreases of about 7.5% and 8.4% respectively compared with 2014. The first figure means the level has gone back to that in 2008 while the second figure is the lowest since 2004! However, we still have to work hard to reduce our per capita carbon emission to 3.3-3.8 tons by 2030 so as to meet the target set in Hong Kong's Climate Action Plan 2030+.


    Secretary for the Environment Bureau Wong Kamsing pointed out that buildings have the greatest potential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. To promote green shopping practices and sustainable development, Kornhill Plaza and Amoy Plaza, two of Hang Lung's properties in Hong Kong, have joined the Hong Kong Green Shop Alliance to incorporate green measures in their daily operations. Six aspects in particular will be targeted: better use of energy, better use of water, reduction of solid waste, reusing and recycling of materials, green procurement and green social behavior. 


    In addition, we support local green communities and organizations in launching environmental programs through donations, sponsorships and voluntary services.

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