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China's Political Landscape and Outlook: A Lunch Talk with the One Country Two Systems Research Institute 206
  • 友善列印版本


    With the closing of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in October 2017, there is a need to acquaint ourselves with our country's developmental goals and aspirations. To present colleagues with a clearer picture of how the country's political landscape has evolved and continues to progress, the Company organized a lunch talk hosted by Cheung Chikong, Executive Director of the One Country Two Systems Research Institute (OCTSRI), and Dr. Fang Zhou, Research Director of the OCTSRI. They shared key discussion points raised at the 19th CPC National Congress and their implications, analyzed the country's development strategy, and gave recommendations for how Hong Kong businesses could expand in response to the country's development strategy. Chief Executive Officer Philip Chen, Executive Directors Adriel Chan, Norman Chan and Dane Cheng along with more than 100 colleagues joined the luncheon.


    Cheung said that the 19th CPC National Congress could be summarized in one sentence as the desire to "remain true to its original aspiration and keep its mission firmly in mind." Zhou said he looked forward to the development of China's Belt and Road Initiative and to the Xiongan New Area.


    Chen found the talk insightful and beneficial to the company, as more than half of the company’s business is focused on the Mainland. He said that he resonated with what the speakers shared and hoped that the Company could make the most of the chance to expand its business.

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