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Decisions that Matter 202
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    Making decisions, big or small, is a part of our lives at home and at work. Decision making is the choice of the best option out of a list of alternatives. When we choose the best, either personally or professionally, we are making a decision that will result in the best possible outcome.


    To assist colleagues in honing the necessary skills to be good decision makers, the Company co-organized the Managerial Decision Making and Leadership workshop with the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) over a period of two days. Professor Caroline Wang, Adjunct Professor of School of Business and Management at HKUST shared how quality decision making is a competence that can be acquired according to a simple framework: GPA (Goal, Priorities, and Alternatives) and IPO (Information, People, and Objective reasoning). With this simple framework, managers can gain credibility and team support for the decisions they make.


    A number of management members attended the workshop, including Chief Executive Officer Philip Chen, Executive Directors Adriel Chan, Norman Chan, and Dane Cheng. Adriel Chan shared that he hopes colleagues could share what they have learned and put the framework into practice. Philip Chen said, “Colleagues should cherish the opportunity and see how we can continuously improve ourselves and inspire the team to further excel.” One of the participants, Teenly Hung, Senior Manager – Central Marketing said, “It is easy to assume that what we are doing every day is the way we should work in the future. This workshop made me sit down and reflect on my management skills, and equipped me with a set of tools for effective decisionmaking and team coaching.”

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