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Fashion Walk Proudly Expands Lifestyle Footprint at Kingston 54
  • 友善列印版本


    Fashion Walk began its enhancement program in 2014 and has transformed itself into a one-of-a-kind fashion-forward lifestyle destination with an unparalleled shopping environment that embraces the best of indoor and outdoor shopping and dining experiences. The newly unveiled 9 Kingston Street welcomes over ten exclusive fashion brands, international houseware shops, and signature restaurants, offering stylish shoppers an immersive experience of life. The completion of 9 Kingston Street completes the rejuvenation of Causeway Bay's iconic shopping hub across three main areas, namely Paterson, Kingston and Food Street, together forming a city of style with a truly global perspective on the latest trends in fashion, housewares, and dining.


    Bella Chhoa, Director – Leasing & Management hopes that the re-opening of 9 Kingston Street can strengthen Fashion Walk's position as Causeway Bay's shopping, leisure, and lifestyle landmark. "Each of the three main areas of Fashion Walk sparkles with its own color. 9 Kingston Street welcomes over ten new concept stores, some of which are arriving in Hong Kong for the first time, marking their trust in Fashion Walk's creativity. A number of brands have also launched exclusive, limited-edition product lines at 9 Kingston Street, such as the PUMA Sample Suede sneaker by Michael Lau at the PUMA flagship store, with more to come from other brands."


    The all-new 9 Kingston Street masters its 100,000 sq. ft. of retail space, filling it with stylish trends in sports, daily products, dining, entertainment and more, heralding numerous firsts for Hong Kong.


    The exceptional concept brands at 9 Kingston Street includes:

    United Tokyo (First Overseas Store)

    As a part of the brand-family of Tokyo Base and STUDIOUS, United Tokyo is popular among seekers of simple, stylish clothing made to exceptionally high standards of quality. All products are made in Japan with even the shop designed by famous Japanese architects Makoto Tanijiri and Ai Yoshida, who used Japanese future as the center of their design concept. A comprehensive range of men's and women's wear is available at the brand's first Hong Kong store.


    AC Flower Gallery

    AC Flower Gallery imports various plants from around the world and provides a broad range of chic housewares for homes and offices.


    Ashley Furniture HomeStore

    Established in the U.S. in 1945, Ashley Furniture HomeStore has branches in over 123 countries including Australia, Japan, Russia, and Korea, and is renowned for creating high quality furniture pieces at reasonable prices. This flagship is its first branch in Hong Kong. 


    ものもの(Mono Mono)

    Managed by AEON Hong Kong, the new concept lifestyle department store Mono Mono comes to Hong Kong for the first time with over 7,000 products including Japanese daily products, pet products and food, coffee roasting items, health and beauty items, and cooking utensils.



    The flagship store has two floors where chic fans of design and sports culture can enjoy shopping. The store offers various popular products including PUMA Select and Fenty, and has just launched PUMA Sample Suede by Michael Lau.



    Hong Kong's first local mini golf club providing both individual and group leisure options, including two nine-hole golf courses, multi-functional activity space, lifestyle product shops and exhibitions, plus creative food and healthy fruit tea, and a well-stocked bar for after-work relaxation with friends.


    Nike Running Experience Store

    Hong Kong's first running experience shop with all-new running products and running-gesture analysis services to help runners gain an insight into their own gestures and habits for the best equipment. The Experience Store incorporates local elements to build a sense of belonging for runners, the weekly run-leading event is absolutely the best gathering for runners.


    PlayStation® PlayGround

    The Experience Store offers various newest exceptional PS4 and PS VR game trials including the widely talked Spider-Man: Homecoming and Justice League VR Experience.



    Set up by renowned Italian chef Gianni Caprioli, the re-opened EAT.it is a casual Italian restaurant which flies-in high-quality ingredients direct from Italy. The new store not only provides outdoor tables perfect for various gatherings but is also launching new menus.



    An authentic Italian catering brand with Pasta and Pizza (from which the restaurant gets its name) all handmade, and Chichetti as its delicious signature dish. Wine feasts by guest-chefs and All-by-Chef cuisines also bring surprises for customers, not to mention their fun pasta-making courses.

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