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Disaster Recovery Drill to Enhance Crisis Preparedness 30
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    Every day, colleagues handle a tremendous amount of information related to tenants, customers, and staff. The proper handling and protection of data has become essential to the sustainable development of a corporation. As a result, the Company has set up a backup data center to make sure the system availability. Earlier on, the IT department conducted the annual disaster recovery drill simulating a scenario in which the major data center was out of function due to power failure for a prolonged period. The drill was designed to test colleagues' ability to respond effectively, and the time needed to recover system and data to resume normal operations. Colleagues from Internal Audit and the Finance Department also participated to provide their observations.


    General Manager - Information Technology, Patrick Chiu said, "In the era of big data, we have to ensure the completeness and safety for our data. The Company has implemented various measures to provide a safe online environment for colleagues to transmit and process data, and access complete information anytime they need to. The drill has tested the effectiveness of existing recovery procedures while at the same time enhancing colleagues' ability to respond."


    To ensure a state of preparedness for any crisis, Mainland projects also regularly conduct the disaster recovery drill.

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