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The Road to Sustainability 38
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    Economic growth and technological advancement has brought humankind into an unprecedented era of prosperity.


    Nonetheless, such prosperity comes at a price – for instance atmospheric carbon dioxide levels are hitting record highs; we have lost half of our forests in the same half a century; the world's population has hit eight billion and continues growing, yet farmland and water resources to support that population are decreasing; 800 million people still struggle in absolute poverty; onesixth of the global population is still illiterate and about two thirds of them are women; and new diseases threaten our very existence. In view of these global challenges, 193 heads of state set the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development on September 25, 2015. The Agenda comprises 17 goals that balance economic growth, social progression, and environmental protection, serving as the guiding principle for intergovernmental collaboration to tackle various global issues. As Ban Ki-moon, Former Secretary-General of the United Nations mentioned,we need action from everyone everywhere to make the agenda into action.


    Hang Lung as a responsible corporate citizen, we always strive to promote sustainability in our sphere of influence, such as through the construction of green buildings and by organizing volunteer activities to create value for society and the environment. Continuing in this vein we are going to launch a new sustainability action plan in response to stakeholders’ expectations. Meanwhile, we are also launching this new column HL Sustain, aimed at introducing global sustainability issues to everyone and invite you to action.

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