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Inspiring Hong Kong's Young Architects 96
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    Laughter and applause filled an auditorium where over 300 Hang Lung Young Architects thoroughly enjoyed the first seminar cum workshop organized by the Hang Lung Young Architects Program and held on December 16, 2017 (Saturday).


    "Think Out of the Box: How Creative Can Architecture Be?" was the topic shared by Mr. Tony Ip, the winner of the HKIA Young Architect Award 2010. Giving vivid examples and analyzing real-life case studies, he explained to the youngsters our relationship with the natural environment and how architecture can help enhance human lives. In the two workshops held on the same day, students learnt about the elements that are combined to create architectural works, as well as the relationship between space and buildings. They also had the opportunity to design their own living spaces and community facilities.


    The students were thrilled when Hang Lung announced the 10 winners of the Buildings that Smile photo competition. All participants in the innovative contest were pleasantly surprised to discover how many "smileys" can be found in the city's buildings, thanks to the youngsters' sharp eyes, exceptional observation powers and lively imagination.


    Hang Lung launched the Young Architects Program with the local cultural enterprise Walk in Hong Kong in October last year with the objective of encouraging secondary school students to understand the close relationship between architecture and our community through guided tours, interactive workshops and the seminar.

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