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Plaza 66: What is Prada Spirit? 33
  • 友善列印版本


    Prada Spirit aims to offer alternative shopping experiences while presenting an exclusive product selection of leather goods in an unusual retail space, which allows customers to socialize in a relaxed, luxurious atmosphere.


    The Prada Spirit pop-up store resembles a trendy and luxurious Italian café, showcasing a range of exclusive handbags and accessories. The lounge corner features red velvet sofas and small black coffee tables, where customers can relax while flipping through the product catalog. A bar set in place at the middle of the store exhibits all the products in its transparent display counters. With high wooden stools completing the space, the store has successfully created a perfect bar-like environment for customers to relax and unwind.


    To unveil the pop-up store, a ceremony was held on February 3 (Saturday) – with special appearance from top models Liu Wen, Qin Shupei, Wang Hongyu, Chen Ran and Linda. They took a sneak peak of the Prada's latest collection.

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