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Hang Lung Young Architects Explore Concepts of Urban Design and Planning 76
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    More than 300 young enthusiasts of architecture gathered on March 3 (Saturday), for the second lecture cum workshop held under the innovative Hang Lung Young Architects Program (the Program).


    Ms. Sarah Mui, recipient of the HKIA Young Architect Award 2015, delivered a talk on the theme of New Wine In Old Bottles: Creative Transformation Of Heritage Buildings In The World. Prior to the lecture, students took part in a half-day workshop at which they learned about how a city functions and the concepts of urban planning and design. The most challenging part of the day came when they were asked to design their own town based on the current blueprint for Kowloon East and to build an iconic landmark that will stand out in the zone. Making the most of their creativity and imagination, and using to the full the information they have learned, the students came up with a wide array of imaginative design ideas, including turning the site into a tourism spot, a shopping center and a zone for grass-roots people, among many others. The three groups judged to be the best based on their creativity, application of architectural knowledge plus their team spirit, won a special worldmap to encourage them to explore the world by themselves.


    The Program is entering its final phase in which the teams strive their utmost in the Architecture Tour Design Competition. After designing the route for their architecture tour and giving it a special theme, the students are required to act as docents and introduce their routes to judges. The winners will be rewarded with an architecture study tour overseas during the summer.


    The Hang Lung Young Architects Program was launched in October last year, with the objective of inspiring secondary school students with the beauty and the stories behind Hong Kong's architecture and also exploring the relationship between architecture and our community.

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