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A Refreshing Experience Awaits Customers as Hang Lung Raises the Bar on Indoor Air Quality 87
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    What makes a mall a favorite among the people?


    Stylish design, notable market position, attractive portfolio of brands … these are part of the hardware that a shopping center uses to increase footfall, but it is the software of customer experience that is central these days. Caring service, pleasant ambient temperature, and clean restrooms are some of customers' main concerns in this area, but Hang Lung goes one step further by improving indoor air quality for the benefit of its customers.


    Championing a people-centric approach in the construction and operation of its projects, Hang Lung strives to improve the environment and public health through various endeavors. Since 2017, the Company has invested over HK$40 million in upgrading all air purifying devices at its malls and office towers across mainland China. The aim has been to create an even more invigorating and comfortable environment for staff, tenants, and the community.


    For all its properties to exceed the highest standards among Grade A commercial properties, the Clean Air Initiative has acquired a specialized system that fits the needs of our premises on the Mainland. Our system consists of hospital-grade high efficiency bag filters, germicidal UV lamps, electrostatic precipitators, and photocatalytic filters. With this combination of hi-tech devices, we can remove up to 80% of airborne pollutants, including PM2.5 particulates.


    The first stage of the initiative has been implemented in three Mainland projects, Plaza 66 in Shanghai, Center 66 in Wuxi, and Parc 66 in Jinan, while the second stage is slated to roll out this year at our other projects in Shenyang, Tianjin, and Dalian.

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