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What do you know about Climate Change? 55
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    Since the Industrial Revolution, the increase in commercial activities has caused a massive amount of greenhouse gas emissions. According to data published by International Energy Agency, global carbon dioxide emissions reached 32.1 gigatonnes1 in 2016, further worsening the problem of climate change. Rising global temperatures will greatly increase the probability of extreme weather phenomenon, which could have tremendous environmental and social impacts. Intensifying heat waves, droughts and tropical cyclones, reduced habitat for polar creatures due to melting glaciers, and increasing numbers of climate refugees due to destruction and changes in the natural environment are all examples of the countless consequences of climate change.


    With a consensus reached by 195 United Nations members in December 2015, the Paris Agreement sets out a target to hold the increase in global average temperature to well below 2°C above pre-industrial levels, and to pursue efforts to limit the increase within 1.5°C2; a target of 49% reduction in global carbon dioxide emissions by 2050, as compared to the 2010 baseline, was also set. From 2023 onwards at an interval of five years, all participating countries, including China, shall individually assess and report the effectiveness of their climate-resilient technologies, facilities, and solutions. While the Agreement relies on the collective effort of individuals all around the world, Hang Lung is taking the initiative to construct green buildings to combat climate change, aspiring to create a sustainable future for the generations to come.



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