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Knit Art Incident Sharing by Fashion Walk Team 146
  • 友善列印版本


    Social media has become an essential part of life today, but a single social media post can turn into a PR nightmare. On February 21 (Wednesday), around 100 colleagues attended a lunch talk hosted by the Fashion Walk team during which they shared how they resolved the "knit art incident" over Christmas, and exchanged tips on how to handle social media crises.


    During the talk, Director – Leasing & Management Bella Chhoa, General Manager – Leasing & Management Katherine Lo, and members of the Fashion Walk team shared how they communicated with government departments, district councilors, and other stakeholders and prevented the incident from turning into a crisis. "As the incident evolved, the Fashion Walk team and the Corporate Communications Department, which is responsible for the Company's crisis management, immediately formed a task force to plan countermeasures as netizens actively expressed their views and media enquires came flooding in." Chhoa said.


    Director – Corporate Communications & Investor Relations and the Company's Crisis Manager, C.F. Kwan, said, "It is very important to maintain proper records as an incident develops, as this can help to defend the Company's image and provide support for its actions and intentions. When dealing with malicious comments, colleagues should remain calm and not overreact. In a generation in which things change and move quickly, teamwork becomes even important."

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