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  • 友善列印版本


    Colleagues may not have had a chance to fully understand the work of the Legal & Secretarial Department. Here are some fast facts: the Company Secretarial Service Team needs to handle tons of operational matters for 228 subsidiaries in Hong Kong and over 100 subsidiaries in mainland China; besides handling issues for our entire portfolio on the legal front, Hong Kong and PRC Legal Teams also need to handle and monitor all insurance-related matters as well as trademark registrations...


    During a lunch talk held on March 2 (Friday), Margaret Yan, Director – General Counsel & Company Secretary; Rebecca Tse, Head of Legal (Hong Kong); Zhang Yun, General Manager – Legal (Mainland); and Cherry Tse, Senior Manager – Company Secretarial Service, gave an overview of the operation of the Legal & Secretarial Department and the challenges that they face every day. They also answered questions from colleagues in attendance. Everyone left with a deeper understanding of the operation of the department.

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