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Hang Lung's Green Spring for the New Year 46
  • 友善列印版本


    Many people dispose of unwanted items before and after festive periods. To create the awareness of "use less, waste less" among our colleagues, the Company launched three activities around the theme, Hang Lung Green Spring. The Hang Lung Spring Barter gave colleagues the chance to exchange items that were gathering dust yet are still usable at home. The Green Spring Couplets Competition encouraged colleagues to use their creativity to compose spring couplets that promote green messages. The Red Packet Reuse Program collected used red packets for reuse and recycling. During this festive time with everyone celebrating Chinese New Year, it was good to get a reminder through these activities to throw away fewer items and to work together to contribute to environmental protection.


    Hang Lung Spring Barter 

    It was the second year for the Hang Lung Spring Barter and nearly 400 items were collected from colleagues.


    Green Spring Couplets Competition

    Apart from giving a second life to disused items, the Company also placed Chinese calligraphy boxes at Hong Kong offices so that colleagues could compose their own spring couplets with a green message. Bella Chhoa, Director – Leasing & Management and Vice-Chairperson of Sustainability Steering Committee, together with members from the Sustainability Team selected, six couplets that are most creative and best match the theme.


    Red Packet Reuse Program

    In addition, after giving out red packets to colleagues, our management encouraged everyone to recycle them in support of the Red Packet Reuse Program to give them a second life.

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