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Latest Tips for Keeping Fit 60
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    No worries if you just gained pounds of fat while welcoming the Year of the Dog with irresistible festive food. In this issue of Chic Corner, we have invited Goji Studios' Director of Sports and Science, Dr. Justin Lee, to introduce the latest All-In-One personalized fitness training method with individualized coaching program, nutrition consultation and meal plan, so that you can healthily regain your summer body before the holidays!


    The Golden 30/70 Rule

    Some people may overestimate the importance of exercise in effectively losing weight. In fact, what you eat matters more. Lee shared, "30% of fitness results come from what you do at the gym, while the remaining 70% is from what you eat. Many determined gym-goers workout hard but achieve no progress in weight-loss because they neither control their diet nor pay attention to food quality and nutrition." A lady weighing about 60 kg who exercises between three and four hours per week can effectively lose weight by consuming about 1,200-1,500 calories per day. The effect will be more significant with a reduction in the consumption of carbohydrates, sugars, alcohol, and dairy products.


    Personalized Training Program

    Personalization has recently been the trend and one-on-one personal coaching is available in the market. Lee pointed out, "A professional personal trainer can design a suitable training program according to different physical conditions and training goals. For example, the training program for a lady who wants to lose weight before getting married is different from that for a man who needs weight control due to health issues." In addition, a personal coach can regularly assess progress and conduct nutrition consultation, in order to ensure that satisfactory results are achieved.


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