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Regular Drills Ensure Safety 87
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    All the Company's properties in Hong Kong and mainland China strictly stipulate that various types of crisis exercises have to be conducted on a regular basis in order to ensure that all tenants and colleagues are constantly on the alert. The Standard Chartered Bank Building held a regular fire and emergency evacuation drill on March 23 (Friday) to practice evacuation procedures to the nearby Chater Garden Gathering Point, in accordance with escape instructions and designated routes. The security team also introduced the methods and contingency measures for using fire extinguishers.


    In addition to the regular fire & emergency evacuation drills, many exercises will be held regularly such as on crowd control, rescuing people trapped in elevators, flooding, power cuts, adverse weather, car park accidents, suspicious items and unidentified objects. These drills are all designed to make sure that all participants know how to respond to every kind of emergency. Senior Guest Service Supervisor-Leasing & Management, Cheng Chiu Ting, said, "The Standard Chartered Bank Building has already held three different kinds of drills in the first three months of this year, including a fire and emergency drill, dealing with suspected dangerous items or unidentified objects and keys management. The aim is to strengthen the resilience of colleagues in the face of emergencies, make them familiar with the procedures, and to make sure tenants and colleagues know escape routes to reduce the risk of casualties caused by accidents."


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