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Tesla Motor Cars Enter Hang Lung's Malls 29
  • 友善列印版本


    Hang Lung has once again collaborated with US motor vehicle brand Tesla to arrange national roadshow exhibitions from March to August, touring Riverside 66, Palace 66, Olympia 66, and Parc 66, to introduce the debut of the Tesla Powerwall system in Asia and promote sustainable lifestyle and concepts. In addition, several workshops have been arranged for the duration of the roadshow with the brand's product specialists on hand to explain the product details to customers, as well as a Tesla test drive for 15 customers each day.


    Dates of the exhibitions:

    3.27 – 4.16 Riverside 66, Tianjin
    5.12 – 6.1 Palace 66, Shenyang
    6.4   – 6.24 Olympia 66, Dalian
    8.11 – 8.31 Parc 66, Jinan
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