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Lights Out 60 Minutes Let Nature Shine 47
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    Environmental protection is not just a slogan. It should be a real part of our lives. The Company is committed to sustainable development and continued its participation in Earth Hour this year, a global initiative organized by the WWF. Most of our properties in Hong Kong and cities across mainland China went dark on March 24 (Saturday). Through this simple action, we would like to deliver the important message that saving energy and integrating environmental awareness into daily life and work is essential.


    Think Beyond the "60 Minutes"

    Earth Hour is the world's largest movement for the environment by WWF. The campaign unites families and companies across the world, who switched off their lights for one hour on the last Saturday of March every year at 8:30p.m., local time. The spirit of Earth Hour is not only about switching the lights off, but also about encouraging and influencing people to make lifestyle changes for a sustainable future. Hang Lung uses Earth Hour as a catalyst for continuously and effectively leading change in consumer awareness and behavior, and guiding the public to think beyond the "60 minutes". Let's protect nature through making lifestyle changes today!

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